More great finds More great finds

This Saturday was the big Flamborough Antique Market out near Guelph Ontario, I made sure we made time in our busy schedule to drive an hou...

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11:46 AM

Oldies Oldies

Here is a little before post, the condition of the stairs as we moved into the house, I have had several questions regarding my stairs, so ...

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5:29 AM

Halloween decor Halloween decor

While I have this opportunity to possibly make an impact at this time regarding Halloween fun and food safety issues, obviously Halloween i...

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6:54 AM

faucets faucets

The top faucet will surely be for my powder room. I thought it would be good to put all the faucets that I am considering together in a pos...

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7:28 AM

Its been another busy weekend Its been another busy weekend

6 cans of spray paint, 9 new pulls, 5 new handles, a couple of messy jobs put off for two or more years, finally complete , priceless. I ...

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10:17 AM

Appliances. Appliances.

I thought I would throw in this lovely pot to pretty up my post...aren't they pretty , I should've just bought one. The drawer is a...

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7:21 AM

Getting set Getting set

I stopped by my local Michael's last night to see what Halloween treats I could find, I found these fun labels, what fun, I will find s...

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9:47 AM

I gave up sugar in my coffee years ago, but while I was a sugar user I came across this charming vintage sugar dispenser, it pours out a p...

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10:12 AM

Food allergy project Food allergy project

There is a 12 minute video at this link , feel free to watch and learn..thank you . As a mo...

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10:11 AM

Oh my aching back. Oh my aching back.

Not cute, funny the things you don't notice after a little while. This is our new pet Mantis, he set up in my brackets right on the fro...

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8:26 AM