I'm to my usual puttering I'm to my usual puttering

This is one of the lovely mirrors I had asked and hoped for that my kind husband purchased for me, I asked for one but got two , which was ...

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9:26 AM

Christmas Morning Christmas Morning

Now that's a lot of Webkinz , now what to name them all. She is quite pleased. My wish came true , I got the coveted Kitchen Aid mixe...

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5:46 AM

Opa's chair Opa's chair

This is the chair I often sat on when visiting my Oma and Opa, throughout my childhood, it has obviously seen better days. Some time ago my...

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4:47 PM

I little Christmas decor added to the boudoir ...I fell in love with these paper crafts , and bring them out each year at Christmas time to...

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9:12 AM

Christmas Arrive's Christmas Arrive's

As you might tell we are not having a white Christmas after all, it is well above zero about 8c (46 f) which is just fine by me, I am not a...

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6:53 AM

Re-arranging for company Re-arranging for company

Ready for a frosty wintery party tomorrow night with family. I am not ready to let people eat while sitting on my new linen bench , perhaps...

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12:40 PM

What have I been up to What have I been up to

It occurred to me that the Epi pen that my little one wears to school during recess could reach very low temperatures damaging the very pre...

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6:23 PM

Another Lovely Christmas Concert Another Lovely Christmas Concert

Mason was dressed very festively in her red and sparkly shirt, she is growing up so quickly I clearly need a new camera for distance, as min...

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5:48 AM

Christmas Concert Christmas Concert

good friends I always love a good concert ... ...

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5:47 AM

The children's trees. The children's trees.
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5:55 PM

The tree The tree

The two aqua blue ornaments were my Oma's , very vintage, glass , hand painted and glittered well the large one , the small ones look li...

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4:41 PM

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
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10:36 AM