Spiders have taken over just in time Spiders have taken over just in time

I have been accused by my gentile daughters that my Halloween stuff is too cute , not creepy enough , so I stepped it up a notch , I went wi...

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5:02 AM

15 minutes of fame 15 minutes of fame

If you have been following along with my blog and the fact that I have been waiting to be featured in a House Proud segment on the Steven an...

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5:51 PM

Cold weather nesting Cold weather nesting

I have given into the fact that it is getting colder , today and yesterday it has been raining and cloudy , I felt it was time to put togeth...

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1:13 PM

Tile removal more Tile removal more

I was over watching some wonderful videos at The Lettered Cottage where I was inspired to fill the baskets on my candle holders with some ...

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11:05 AM

Have you ever broken glass? Have you ever broken glass?

I smashed and smashed away with my largest hammer today , I thought these tiles would break right in half but they did not , I wondered how ...

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4:59 PM

I apologize I apologize

There must have been a mix up , the segment didn't air today , I will have to see when it will really happen then , maybe they taped it ...

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11:02 AM

Slate entry Slate entry

So I laid out some tiles to see how they would look, I have a limestone surround edging the existing area , I can either take it out , whic...

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6:48 AM

OCTOBER 23rd @ 2:00pm on the CBC OCTOBER 23rd @ 2:00pm on the CBC

OMG ! I just got an email saying that my House Proud Segment will air tomorrow ! at 2:00pm on the Steven and Chris Show on the CBC , so if ...

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3:06 PM

New flooring New flooring

Slate floors , will they be the choice for my entry way ?? , well I do love them , I have purchased one box of Indian Slate , I am thinking...

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9:52 AM

Join the Party Join the Party

I have joined the party over at Hooked On Houses , so should you . What a wonderful resource to get your house fix too. Sometimes I am litt...

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7:43 AM

What was it like? What was it like?

I suppose if I really had thought that a camera man and a producer would come to my house in one week of emailing my letter submitting mysel...

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4:27 AM

My poor girl My poor girl

I am on high alert , not to be dramatic , but I got a call from school that Sophie had been stung by a bee , normal happens all the time , i...

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8:57 AM

Style at Home Show in TO Style at Home Show in TO

This is the ever loved Sarah Richardson , I am sorry for the poor picture quality , I don't know why my camera doesn't like to take...

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7:07 AM

I may be gone for a while I may be gone for a while

My computer is down , and is going to the shop so I may be out of commission for a while , I want to post some things from the Style at Home...

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4:42 PM

You can watch Steven and Chris on Youtube. http://ca.youtube.com/stevenandchriscbc everyone should watch .

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11:09 AM

The Steven and Chris Show The Steven and Chris Show

STEVEN & CHRIS I have been keeping a little secret , the reason that I have ...

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9:22 AM

Here is my "dirty" little secret , this little spot usually looks like this , it is my catch all spot for paints and repair equip...

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1:20 PM

Pretty in Pink Pretty in Pink

Come on in and see what has been taking up all my spare time I am finished besides a tiny bit of touch up painting, oh I have got to change...

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3:42 PM

What is on your list today What is on your list today

For me lately every day seems to have a sound track , not a fun hip hop beat , but a tick tick ticking..... Today has gone a little like thi...

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9:13 AM

Busy busy again Busy busy again

I love the reflection from this mirror , isn't it fun. Here is my newly upgraded curtain rod, I had planned to pick up a matching one ...

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1:27 PM

New Thanksgiving New Thanksgiving

We enjoyed one of the nicest fall days yesterday to celebrate Thanks Giving with my side of the family , well the ones that could be there ...

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3:15 PM