Let's talk tile Let's talk tile

This is not the kind of tile talk I want to have , but should we just all agree this is CRAZY!{ I think it is crazy because of the heavy we...

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5:04 AM

Paneling , wainscoting, beadboard ??? Paneling , wainscoting, beadboard ???

I am in the considering stage of what to do with the bedroom walls? of course I could paint stripes in two shades of cream , very inexpensiv...

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5:57 AM

Weekend Weekend

We had a pretty uneventful weekend , we went to see Monsters verses Aliens on Friday , it was cute I would give 3 1/2 stars I suppose out ...

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6:16 PM

Head's Up Canadian Girl's Head's Up Canadian Girl's

While wasting time before picking up the kids from school yesterday afternoon I decided to check out the spring fares at Bowring , a Canadi...

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10:25 AM

what strikes fear in this handy girl ??? what strikes fear in this handy girl ???

Turns out it is a nail gun , with a compressor that sends shivers down my spine. There is more to me not having a proper brad nailer up unt...

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9:08 AM

Fab Friday Finds Fab Friday Finds

I came across this most wonderful store called Quatrine sadly well out of reach , so I will live with admiring their beautiful furniture, e...

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5:36 AM

Sarah's Office Sarah's Office

How did I almost forget to share with you Sarah's office , it is quite a departure from the rest of the spaces , and it is lovely , a f...

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5:40 AM

Run Lassie Run Run Lassie Run

Thanks T !

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6:53 PM

What a day What a day

How would you react to this ? I have to say I kept my cool , my 10 year old and her friend ended up with this disaster some how thankfully ...

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3:01 PM

Black paint Black paint

I wanted to show you off to the right is wider than the left , hence the hook . Somehow I fit in a great deal of painting in a very small ...

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4:57 AM

Coat rack /key holder Coat rack /key holder

* the reason I went with the sea star and small hook off to one side was because that side has an extra two inches so I made it a feature ,...

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10:10 AM

I had to share with you this information , you know when your paint brush is looking like it is time to toss it , well that was my brush ye...

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6:17 AM

Beadboard and board and batten , how does one choose? Beadboard and board and batten , how does one choose?

Isn't this a perfect example of board and batten ?, I like the tight positioning of the battens . I snapped this pic above from a maga...

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7:30 AM