The weather may still be frigid but my thoughts are turning outward none the less. We are planning to build a big deck off the back of our h...

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6:40 AM

Messy messy Messy messy

Anyone who has lots of kids accepts the overwhelming messes, I do , I had let's see , 2 of my own kids and 5 of not my own kids , that ...

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6:03 AM

Popcorn is coming down. Popcorn is coming down.

Click on the photo for better detail I hope you can make this out, it is a bit tough to see I tried my best with editing but this is as goo...

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7:09 AM

Isn't this a cute cup , a milk chocolate brown with white inside , $1.00 , don't you just love Dollarama, they always have great st...

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6:58 AM

This may or may not surprise you , but I love this sofa , it is pretty and comfy and my dogs could not soil it as easily as my current whi...

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9:41 AM

The other side The other side

Well here is the other side of my bedroom , I suppose I never show it due to my machine , which I NEED and do use and which is never a cloth...

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8:23 AM

Spring is here in spirit, only. Spring is here in spirit, only.

I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug, I have cleaned closets , re-caulked the tub which failed and I don't know why as I follo...

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8:47 AM

You can surely spring for this lovely example of a shell encrusted mirror , this is much more gentile , but at a whopping $599.00 I like m...

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7:40 AM

Growing so much. Growing so much.

Today . I can't believe how grown she looks with her new do , I could tell she wasn't sure during the cutting , and not until the st...

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3:04 PM

Easter treats and sweets Easter treats and sweets
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11:11 AM

Happy Easter Happy Easter

I really put no thought into Easter this year , I can blame it on the weather , it is early this year and it feels far from Eastery to me....

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6:20 AM

GE Profile it is GE Profile it is

I have been waiting for 2 years now to buy a Jenn Air and I have almost completely ruled it out in favour for this model, the Jenn Air altho...

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4:09 PM

Why would I need to replace my fridge , after all it is 9 mere years old, that's not old , we have all been to homes where the beige fr...

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8:38 AM

New Pottery Barn Shopping Incentive New Pottery Barn Shopping Incentive

I just had to put together some of these wonderful inspirational images, I love the graphic quality of the black and white. www.potterybarn...

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5:50 AM

Enough about my beam already I promise Enough about my beam already I promise

Its done, finished, finito , it adds much more than I had thought , the ceiling had been this very vast bland space , the larges thing in t...

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5:10 AM