Striped Ikea Slipcover Reveal Striped Ikea Slipcover Reveal

Etsy pillow covers on the way from Pillowmio . I am so thrilled to hear that others too like the Ektorp collection from Ikea , and I am mor...

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11:54 AM

New slipcover for me New slipcover for me

Getting a new slipcover is like getting a new sofa , it is LATE but I needed to try it on , get my fix per say , I can go to bed now and sle...

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9:11 PM

Back and all went well Back and all went well

I just wanted to say thank you for your good wishes , I appreciate it so much . If the were to diagnose HHT with either of us it is treata...

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3:48 PM

Searching for answers Searching for answers

We are going to be back at the hospital for Sophie to get some more testing done , today it will be an MRI , she is a bit nervous , I would ...

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5:53 AM

Ikea Slipcovered Sofa's Ikea Slipcovered Sofa's

Click on the image to get a close-up look if you dare. I get many many emails about my Ikea Ektorp pieces , I know many are skeptical of Ik...

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2:41 PM

Look what I found Look what I found

Don't you just love finding new to you images well while looking for great subway tiles images and I cam across this beautiful kitchen ...

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8:14 AM

Tuesday Treats Tuesday Treats

Enjoy some eye candy. Isn't this eating area divine , love those blue picture frames. Great idea for an old door , magnetic chalkboard...

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6:27 AM

I need your help PLEASE I am Chris and I am a secret disasterholic I need your help PLEASE I am Chris and I am a secret disasterholic

I need your help , if everyone bands together maybe we can make this happen , see this is my laundry area it needs and intervention, it is...

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8:37 AM

Water, water and more water also known as rain , this is how much rain I was able to catch that was pouring through my kitchen window , ya...

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8:25 AM

Pink with Blue Birds part deux Pink with Blue Birds part deux

Don't you just love pompom fringe ... There we go , I like these photo's a little better .

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5:01 AM

Pink with blue birds Pink with blue birds

I had bought a can of Wall Candy some months ago thinking Sophie might like them , as when we looked at some wall vinyl she was very drawn ...

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8:51 PM

Bedroom sneak peek Bedroom sneak peek

Sneak peek The kid just wanted to try it out and help , she was pretty good at it to .

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5:18 PM

Goofing around Goofing around

Have you met my dogs ? I had a little fun with Photobucket , oh my it is such a great site to play . For those of you who know my dogs , is...

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10:09 AM

Kitchen cabinet makeover DIY style Kitchen cabinet makeover DIY style

Before After OMG I finally did it , I have thought for oh 7 years about doing this little DIY project. I wanted real chicken or poultry wi...

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12:49 PM

Beadboard Beadboard

My window seat Velvet and Linen Cobi Ladner H&H Canada Linda Banks N antucket beadboard Nantucket beadboard N antucket beadboard N...

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6:14 AM