Painting again Painting again

Do you remember this backyard table I made last summer out of left over deck joists and posts , well I meant to paint it but couldn't d...

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9:15 AM

Spring cleaning Spring cleaning

There are few things more gratifying then a clean organized closet , it can be a BIG job like this one was . This is how it looked after a ...

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6:11 AM

Solution for muddy yucky grass Solution for muddy yucky grass

I bought 7 big bags of cedar mulch and covered up our awful mud and created a little yard too . I have to say this weekend I first watched ...

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11:06 AM

Sophie will take possesion today Sophie will take possesion today

Come on in , stay a while .... One room shabby chic cottage , wood floors painted blue , charming cottage features , custom shutters , ceda...

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8:31 AM

Sophie's Playhouse Sophie's Playhouse

Our playhouse ... Sophie's play house ... They are a little different aren't they , but this has lead to inspire me to do better . ...

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2:52 PM

Feeling so blue , but a good blue Feeling so blue , but a good blue

Flik and Co. blue is it , I decided to give it a try on my little beachy abode front door , I am not sure if it is right , but it is HAPPY ...

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2:41 PM

Weeken madness Weeken madness

This week was a complete bust , I caught a most terrible cold from my child , my strain left be bed ridden her's did not . Thankfully I...

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10:09 AM

My favorite house is for sale and I can not have it My favorite house is for sale and I can not have it

I am so sad to see the most beautiful house that I have always loved , is for sale $525,000.00 so it is well out of my price range , it i...

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10:29 AM

Happy Earth Day Happy Earth Day

What do you do to pitch in ? do you make good green choices? I think it is important to make mindfull choices , like the bottled water , we...

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5:44 AM

The Blues The Blues

Blue , do I really need to say why I love blue , soft, calming , cool, clean , refreshing & perfect!

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4:58 AM

Power outage Power outage

How would you spend a power outage ? this is how we did , the kids looked at photo albums , always fun , and I looked at old magazines alwa...

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7:26 AM
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5:05 AM

I have coastal style shingles too I have coastal style shingles too

I am so thrilled , it took two days and less than $70.00 {cost of three bundles of wood and a large can of stain that will also be used for...

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2:59 PM

Grey Shingles Grey Shingles

My top choice for exterior finish is certainly grey stained or weathered shingles , it is so charming , I thought I would share with you so...

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6:46 AM