Glory of Gladiators is a free-to-play browser-based action RPG from Gamebox, the publisher of General War and the upcoming card game Pantheon Legend. It puts players in the role of a master of an ancient Roman gladiator training school and quests them with recruiting and training fighters and then sending them to compete with other gladiators in violent confrontations.

Following story-driven quests, players can experience famous campaigns and encounter renowned gladiators, and even get the chance to recruit those figures in their own school.

The game highlights strategy in place of control or skill. Players need to discover potential fighters among slaves, criminals, captives, and volunteers before training them and honing their skills. With the coins earned through battles, players can purchase weapons to equip their strongest warriors.

However, even the strongest warriors won’t be victorious all the time. As players train their fighters, those fighters grow skilled and older. Only those powerful ones in their best years can stay undefeated in the arena.

Presented in detailed graphics, Glory of Gladiators features ARPG-style battle visuals where two warriors, displayed against a varying setting, fight against each other using their distinctive battle skills. Players every once in a while need to tap the skill button to unleash their gladiator’s attack.


  • Fighting-game-like design: Glory of Gladiators presents you most detailed graphics and animations, featuring with a unique strategy-skill system.
  • Heroes in history: You will take part in the epic campaigns and interact with the most famous heroes. Some may even be recruited into your force!
  • Aging gladiators: Gladiators, as in real life, grow old while becoming more experienced. Plan the training schedules for your gladiators carefully, and make the best use of the peak time!
  • Champion Cup: Monthly event. Players can send their best gladiators in the elimination games. The winner will receive rich rewards as well as the most glorious honor.