Fishao is a friendly fishing virtual world game developed by GamoVation. The game can be played on Facebook and its website.

Joining Fishao, you will be able to fish more than 150 types of fish and also a Weight system is available so every time you catch a fish it won’t always be the same kilos. The game features 10 different areas each with their own amazing type of fish from tropical jungles to egyptian deserts and even to Antarctica. The game also features amazing PVP tournaments taking place every 20-30 minutes where if you are placed in the top 3 positions you will get a fishcoin award.

Fishao is 2D but the graphics are beatiful and cute. The graphics make the game look friendly and also they are really attractive. There is a variety of different areas and all have different and carefuly made enviroments making the gameplay lot of fun. Also you have to ability to customize your character at the beginning by changing his shirt , pants , hair and skin colour. During the game you will be able to buy new clothes and cool hats. The animations are just a few and not suprising, only a walking animation not realistic at all, a rod animation and different water animations (waterfall , beach).

Fishao's gameplay is quite simple and easy enough for casual players. You just throw your rod in the sea and wait for a fish; when a fish is caught you will have to use the left and right arrow keys so you will capture the fish. You will catch a fish more easily if your rod is bigger. A couple of quests are available in all the areas and also some cool mini games. 

One of the best feature of Fishao is the Tournaments. In the tournament you will be able to compete against other players and claim amazing awards. But the game contains an energy system where you take 1 energy every 3 minutes and the full energy you can have is 15. One energy is spent every time you throw your rod in the sea which may be a little annoying.

There is a shop inside the game where you can access it from anywhere just by pressing the icon. You will be able to buy different rods, baits, and even boats to go fishing deeper into the ocean. But the game has a very big problem as far as the balance is concerned. The game can be told Pay To Win because you can donate lots of money and take the best gear immediately without doing anything, this breaks the game balance and ruins competition.

The music is relaxing and happy and suits to such a game. Another thing I loved is that there is a different music playing in each area depending on the area’s content. The sound effects are also happy and suitable during gameplay. Also in every area except the different music there will be and different background sound effects like birds for example.