Rule the Kingdom is an amazing new RPG adventure game available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Facebook. Its engaging gameplay a great example a successful combination of several themes such as roleplaying, city building, action and strategy.

You play as the ruler of the Kingdom of Stoutbeard. This means having to manage everything, from food security to defense. Build farms, bakery and other buildings that will keep your citizens well-fed. Secure your kingdom against bandits, wild animals and monsters by creating an army of capable soldiers. But that’s not all. You also get to go on adventures, fighting enemies in different terrains (deserts, forests, etc.).

Overall, Rule the Kingdom offers a lot of things to do. While most may find this interesting, new casual gamers will have a hard time understanding the mechanics.

  • Defeat legendary enemies with your loyal squad of hearty warriors.
  • Shatter your foes with deadly spells; train your warriors to defeat the most dangerous monsters!
  • Find hundreds of items and enhance them with rare magical gems!
  • Construct dozens of buildings in your kingdom and help ease the woes of besieged villagers.
  • Direct your subjects to gather various resources; become the most powerful kingdom in the empire.
  • Battle through forests, deserts and tundra to become a true hero of the empire!

Graphics: Very Good
The game is designed with colorful visuals, the slightly jerky and funny animation adds to its beauty.

This, however, is only true when you’re playing the game on a big screen. On smaller screens, you’ll barely see any details; making it rather hard to recognize characters.

Music: Good
Music-wise, the game is neither fail or stands out. There is that familiar medieval-pop music loop that you eventually love or hate (depending your taste), the usual klink-klanks of battle and the “tadan” of accomplishments. Characters mumble when you talk to them, as is the case of most casual games, which I found really funny.

Gameplay: Very Good
As mentioned earlier, the game is a mix of several popular genres: RPG, action, strategy and simulation. The game do justice to each of these themes.

There is a lack of depth but is easily remedied by the overall activity of the game. One moment you’re building a bakery, a couple of seconds later, you’re fighting wolves and zombies. It is this sense of busy-ness that will keep you playing the game.

Source: playbuzz