Warstory Europe is a free-to-play cooperative strategic MMO set in the wartime Europe during WWII. The game features 2D hand-drawn artwork, fierce real-time battles, a depth of strategies and co-op multiplayer-oriented features, and brings them all together to the web browser.

Warstory Europe takes place in the wartime Europe where brilliant commanders are called upon to fight for Berlin driving away the merciless Wehrmacht currently in control and liberating Europe to put an end to the war. In the alternate World War II, players can choose to join either The Allies or the Soviet Union, and start their own headquarter to prepare for the war.

As commanders, they will build and expand their base, customize their own Hero with a verity of powerful combat skills, train over 50 original WWII era units, recruit experienced officers, collect a wide array of equipment varying in quality and property, and fight battles to fulfill their mission of defeating Wehrmacht while striving to be the first to do that. In-game battle is fought in real time, fiercely and franticly. To achieve the great cause, united force stands the best chance. So, players need to ally with each other, supporting each other in the dynamic battles on 30 unique grounds and freeing cities as battalions together.

The game is easy to pick up with a helpful tutorial and simple interface and control, but it reserves deep enough tactics regarding units deployment, officer assignment, commander development as well as coordination between allies for experienced veterans to explore. There will be tons of missions to engage with, some of which are special ones for the High Command. As they delve into the heat of the war, commanders certainly will gain a plethora of Achievements that will mark their progression of becoming a living legend.

Warstory Europe is live now and can be played on PC easily via the web browser. Berlin is at stake and Europe needs your help!

Source: mmohunter