Let’s Fish is a free-to-play angler’s simulation game developed and published by Ten Square Games that brings a both relaxing and challenging experience to the web browser. With many realistic fisheries worldwide, over 300 species of fish to catch and a large shop full of professional tackle, the game is a nice pick for both fishing enthusiasts and casual players.

Let’s Fish Starts with a simple guidance about basic fishing knowledge that can help beginners quickly grasp the essence of gameplay. Select a rod, a line and a hook with the same level of strength, choose a kind of bite that attracts certain fish species, and start fishing in the Small Lake. Players can start with Quests that offer a sort-of direction for fishing and cast lines to practice the skill of timing in catch before they take part in daily rating and weekly tournaments.

By completing quests, players can gain experience, coins and banknotes that can be used to purchase professional tackle. The in-game shop offers a vast collection of fishing gear whether it is the basic tools or the professional required by the most demanding users. As they move on in the game, players need to purchase better equipment to catch bigger fish of different species.

There are more than 30 different fishing spots, realistic and animated, in the game from the snows of the South Pole to the oldest and the deepest lake Baikal in the world to the paradise beaches of Australia, each location offering a variety of fish species.

Let’s Fish offers a satisfactory fishing experience online and is the dream of every fisherman.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 levels with numerous quests to finish
  • Compete against other players in daily rating and weekly tournaments for great prizes
  • Nearly 40 realistic, attractive fishing spots all over the world
  • Catch over 300 species of fish and other water creatures with different bites at different locations
  • Helpful encyclopedia of fish
  • An in-game shop full of professional tackle
  • Free-to-play and browser-based

Source: mmohunter