Front sitting area help , please! Front sitting area help , please!

My big plan for this small space is to have a patio in the shape of a circle here to make a small courtyard area , I had this furniture sit...

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2:45 PM

Wedding photos Wedding photos

I wanted to show you some more wedding photos , look at these girls don't they look lovely. This is the photo that the photographer to...

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3:16 PM

A whole lot of nothing much. A whole lot of nothing much.

This is my little wee garden area in my backyard, it is filling in nicely, I add a couple of plants every year, I am just not into gardenin...

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1:41 PM

after searching and finding some really pretty fabrics that did not appeal to my 10 year old and her finding things that were thin or cheap...

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5:26 PM

Rains ,sink holes and a whole lot of nothing weekend. Rains ,sink holes and a whole lot of nothing weekend.

This is a sink whole , I discovered it while disposing of dog dootie, wow there is a big gaping whole on the corner of our house, this is th...

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6:54 AM

The garden this year The garden this year

Linda did a post today sharing her lovely cottage garden , palatial garden compared to my wee patch , I suppose I like it small because I...

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7:49 AM

Summer rains! Summer rains!

This has been how the skies look all week , and more days like these to come, it has meant lots of playing in the rain for the kids, the ai...

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2:58 PM

New Header New Header

The regular image , oh I found a spot for my bargain mirror. Spotlight with cartoon feature Cartoon effect And the coloring book feature...

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8:56 AM

I had intended to build a new mirror , but didn't really feel up to it , my husband bought me two of these round studded mirrors for Ch...

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6:35 AM

Settee drama's Settee drama's

So here is the settee in desperate need of recovering, I was told that the company Rowe makes slipcovers so I could always have them make a ...

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12:47 PM

I though I should add this for a little bulk in content. A while back the lamp I had here broke , I ordered another lamp and it got back ord...

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6:16 AM