Year in review part one Year in review part one

This past year past has been a very productive year , I have made many changes and improvements to the house , so many in fact I am nearly o...

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11:23 AM

It's Complicated It's Complicated

Well all good things are complicated right? The decision to get out there and go see this move is not complicated at all , go see it . Alec...

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12:32 PM

Poipu Beach in Hawai Poipu Beach in Hawai

Poipu beach in hawai is a beautiful beach. Poʻipū in Hawaiianis a census-designated place (CDP) in Kauaʻi County on the southern side of th...

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8:10 PM
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12:34 PM

Wonderful Christmas Wonderful Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas day here at home , the girls are older now and i said they couldn't wake us until 8:00am , so promptly at 8:0...

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11:26 AM

The PJ Eve Party Begins The PJ Eve Party Begins

we have just opened our Christmas eve pj presents for the girls , they needed to get ready before our guests arrived , the girls also exch...

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3:00 PM

Sad day yesterday Sad day yesterday

I bought this beautiful cake stand many years ago , it is my most favorite item in the kitchen by far , it makes everything look yummy and ...

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8:35 AM

Time is ticking away , there are a few short hours before our Christmas begins , we celebrate my families Christmas here tomorrow night , w...

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1:35 PM

Simple dining chair slips Simple dining chair slips

Imperfectly dressed. I completed the set of four little dresses for our dining chairs, they are basically simple hemmed rectangles with sim...

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10:58 AM