Bathroom makeover nearing completion Bathroom makeover nearing completion

Here is the before : It was pink and little girly. This is the before of the mirror , just regular unframed mirror. I have finished the g...

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5:43 AM

Birthday madness complete Birthday madness complete

We took Sophie and 5 of her little friends to see Wall-E , really cute and a nice message as well. I wish I had some pictures to show more t...

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3:15 PM

my Birthday Girls my Birthday Girls

They were destined to be close sisters, my dear Mason is 10 today , Mason was always happy to be having a baby sister right from the start,...

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9:41 AM

devine cupcakes devine cupcakes

Todd pick up these Divine confections in Toronto at that very special nut free bakery amazing work , this is butter...

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5:04 AM

Selba kitchens Selba kitchens

I am always a big fan of a clean white kitchen with beautiful lines, I love this one , I would take it as is , it is sheer perfection. www....

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3:49 PM

What would you do if you found yourself with some leftover spindles, I picked up the white ones for $5.00 , well priced I thought , for th...

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10:04 AM

Wouldn't you love to spend time with family at a place this beautiful? I know everyone love's this room the whole set , it is perf...

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5:49 AM

What a weekend What a weekend

My big girl is almost 10, wow how time flies, as all mother's know, I remember having her like it was yesterday . I found quite a phot...

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7:41 AM

Guess who refused to bake any more cupcakes, ME! I even drove 50 minutes into Toronto to go to this nut free cupcake shop , The Cupcake Sh...

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10:12 AM

Baking info Baking info

I would like to share my recipe for this frosting I make so much , it is simple, 1 pound of softened butter unsalted and I mix it well and a...

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7:01 AM