My dining room My dining room

I just realized I do not include my dining room ever I realized I don't really like my dining room as a whole , I love the table, which ...

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5:11 PM

Progress reports Progress reports

Now that there are two , Dolce the big one seems happy and playful, it will do him good to have a perky little friend, so far so good , p...

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6:10 AM

The Dream Home The Dream Home

Since getting a puppy one week ago today , wow forgot just how much that would turn my life on its head but any way , the Little bugger fits...

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6:45 AM

Fun around the region for the holidays. Fun around the region for the holidays.

Since adding Moe to the family we are quite limited as to how long we can go out due to the frequent potty training efforts which is coming...

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3:55 PM

Beautiful things. Beautiful things.

These are a few of my favourite things...... White , the bones should be white, I love painted walls, but the trim and lots of it should be...

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6:16 AM

Home design tips you can use. Home design tips you can use.

This post is growing today , I just thought of a couple more great things i have used and or discovered as useful over the years, like scrun...

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7:39 AM

Cottage flavour Cottage flavour

after before Recently on cityline one of my favourite designers Brian Gluckstien who is one of Canada's premiere Interior Designers, w...

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9:00 AM

Choosing paint colours. Choosing paint colours.

This is my daughters bathroom, it is perfect for two small girls, why not go for it , its just paint. Colour or color how ever you spell i...

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5:07 AM

The Newest Member Moe The Newest Member Moe

Yes that is Moe like in the Simpson's , not ,my choosing , but that's ok . I hope the puppy training goes smoothly and quickly, summ...

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11:26 AM