Girl power shot Girl power shot

I finished off the dining chair over haul with the help of my darling children ,they wanted to help pull out the old staples and they did a ...

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2:50 PM

Chairs Chairs

I finally got around to painting the rocker , I cut the latex paint with water so that it would absorb in to the wood and become part of it...

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9:56 AM

Now that's a big refrigerator Now that's a big refrigerator

Here is the current look of my kitchen , I have my stainless steel appliances, I have such respect for good movers, the delivery guys were s...

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2:27 PM

I can not get enough of kitchen's , no doubt that is my favorite room in a house there is so much potential to make it great. Wonderfu...

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6:24 AM

Pretty paisley Pretty paisley

After trying the floral curtains and getting Sophie's thumb down I took them down , maybe I am bored of the existing drapes I have alway...

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5:05 AM

Girly girl Girly girl

I would never describe my style as girly , I like girly elements but not overly feminine or romantic things, not for me , pretty to look at...

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10:35 AM

When I was helping my dad go through his household items I found this bottle , it is so charming and has a bit of a grey tinge, he was kind...

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10:46 AM

its cleaning day its cleaning day

Isn't that an awful sight ,don't worry it is not mine, but today is a pretty happy day , it cleaning day ,which means my appliances ...

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7:40 AM

the weekend work the weekend work

The weather is working in our favour this weekend, so there is much to be done, apparently I make my husband anxious when I work non stop o...

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11:08 AM

Moving on Moving on

I wanted to show some of my favourite images , the sources are unknown, sometime they are just from image searches I do . I Hope you enjoy ...

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4:31 AM

Home Depot to the rescue Home Depot to the rescue

All who read my blog know I am a big fan of home depot , so I looked up my fridge and checked their stock and price matching policies, well ...

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3:58 PM

Wow the punches just keep coming.... Wow the punches just keep coming....

They called SEARS that is , they can't get the fridge I ordered at all , AT ALL , they gave me fridge to someone else , oh brilliant .....

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7:07 AM

Back up , this must be some kind of sick joke... Back up , this must be some kind of sick joke...

I am so upset right now , I got the mail to find a horrific sight , a return slip for my fridge I am waiting on, I feel sick to my stomach ...

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2:05 PM

Pink room treasure's Pink room treasure's

Bamboo blinds , what can I say about them , I really love them , they convey a lovely summer feel, I put these up last night , we had origi...

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6:08 AM

Mudroom Magic Mudroom Magic

I really do love my home, it is not large , it is 1890 sq ft , a fine size to me, considered small by many I am sure , but it has two ground...

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7:16 AM

Voila Voila

Before , notice the most awful grass , thank the dogs for that . 3 days work, that took one week to complete because of life and poor weath...

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3:25 PM

Here is the real thing the umbrella I found , very happy with it . And the rocker that I am still bitter at , its not as big as I thought ...

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9:49 AM