Sarah Richardson Pillows Sarah Richardson Pillows

I have always noticed Sarah Richardson's love or pretty pillows , way back to her Room Service days , those days she made the pillows h...

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7:12 AM

Making a memo board Making a memo board

Before I have decided lightening up is still in order , I love change , keeping things the same for me is boring . This memo board is locat...

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10:44 AM

Earring frame Earring frame

This little mirror was collecting dust in the basement , I took a little bit of screen and made a earring holder by hot glueing it onto the ...

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6:44 AM

Fabulous Friday Finds Fabulous Friday Finds

I have a new little purchase , this very pretty table is just waiting for a paint makeover I have a new project for the weekend. Check out t...

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5:30 AM

I was changing the sheets in the girls room when I realized I could make a duvet cover out of the flat sheets I do not ever use , it turned ...

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1:46 PM

Pairing back the layers in time for summer Pairing back the layers in time for summer

The window fabric was feeling a little too earthy for me , a little drab, so in preparation for the summer weather that I am sure is upon u...

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4:57 AM

Just Beachy Just Beachy

I really think I should have a second home, a cottage on a beach of course, this is exactly how it would look , fresh and happy and light h...

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8:43 AM

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds: Behind the Scenes of The Proposal from Betty White

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7:56 AM

Sugar Sugar Oh Honey Honey Sugar Sugar Oh Honey Honey

I am baking and baking again , for Oprah's Ambassador's , our school is having an Asian Market , it is quite an event , the kids c...

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6:48 AM

Decorranging Decorranging

So what do you think ? I finally found a spot for my new chalkboard , I was going to sell it , but now it is staying, the blue brightens up...

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8:55 AM

How to beach a table How to beach a table

How to beach an unbeachy table , first look for a table with something going on , details become better when painted , then clean with TSP ,...

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8:21 AM

Poop composter Poop composter

I finally got my poop composter , now this little composter will NOT make usable soil but dispose and minimize the poop that my pooches cre...

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8:12 PM

How to make an ottoman How to make an ottoman

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7:57 AM

Ottoman Envy /Inspiration Ottoman Envy /Inspiration

I saw this beautiful ottoman on 3 Peanuts a while back , it is the perfect piece I think , it made me long for an ottoman for my living roo...

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9:20 AM