Happy halloween Happy halloween

My lovely witch. My sweet little cheeta princess. She is so beautiful, too bad she doesn't think so. Oh how I love love Halloween,...

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1:04 PM

Tile Tile

Yet another option??? Here is the culprit... tired, bland , in need of a lift. Perhaps I will tile that full wall with the stipes and do al...

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9:27 AM

Hidden trigger Hidden trigger

My husband has asthma, and it really hasn't been bad for a very long time I thought it was the new dog that was putting him over the edg...

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6:07 AM

Cheap trick Cheap trick

I am not a big fan of track lighting , but have actually found myself loving the dark finished pottery barn track lighting , which is quite...

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5:55 AM

window treatments window treatments

Here are a couple of close up shots on how I installed and attached the fabric panel to the two types of romans I covered, one is an inside...

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6:08 AM

I fear I will have to move I fear I will have to move

I have run out of things to blog about, well at least that is how it seems , I will have to come up with a fabulous post, perhaps about pain...

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1:55 PM

This one's for Liz This one's for Liz

This post is for Liz who is contemplating new drapes, I have put together some suggestions I thought might be fun for her. I can't wait...

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9:53 AM

Table Makeover Table Makeover

This is the new fabric I found at http://www.designerfabrics.ca/ it is double width , such a bonus. The best thing about this fabric store...

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6:08 AM

I took some new shots of my house , I like the new perspective of my bedroom, it hard to take photos of this room as I have a big exercise...

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9:20 AM

Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed

I have taken my time, finished some projects and put together a book showcasing my work on this house, as I am entering the Canadian house &...

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10:21 AM

Life takes twist and turns Life takes twist and turns

You know life takes twists and turns, we all at some point develop a picture of how we would like the future to unfold, but as we quickly le...

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9:32 AM

Emily's story Emily's story

http://www.allergykids.com/index.php?id=12 please read Emily's story told by her parents , it is very touching , a parents worst night...

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8:47 AM