Cora's Playground Necklace Cora's Playground Necklace

I just received my Cora's Necklace I bought , the proceeds go to Cora's Benefit , you can find lots of wonderful items by incredibl...

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1:04 PM

Speak to Me Speak to Me

All of these images speak to me . Pink Adirondack chairs , yummy and comfy . The perfect wing chair with dark legs sitting on a white washe...

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6:33 PM

Did you know Did you know

Did you know that all you need to make popcorn is a brown paper bag and kernels . Place 1/4 cup of kernels in a brown paper bag fold over th...

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5:59 AM

Making changes Making changes

After yesterday's post about the tv above the fireplace and the adorable shutters , I decided I need that too , only problem was the aw...

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6:24 AM

My mind is thinking and revisiting the notion that I may someday get a mudroom . Now that we uncovered a door way just ready to be finished ...

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8:59 AM

Celebrity Homes Celebrity Homes

Click on the photos to enlarge , enjoy ! This is Richard Gere's Home or former home . I love that it is not mansion like at all , but w...

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11:11 AM

Making and entrance Making and entrance

Although my entrance is on the small size I still believe it can be hardworking and welcoming as well as good looking. How I have made my e...

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6:46 AM

Obama Arrives Obama Arrives

Obama arrives for a quick visit to Ottawa , and gathers quite a crowd of onlookers aka fan's or admirers , what an exciting event for t...

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8:07 PM

Making more room Making more room

I know I have got to do something about that door bell housing , I will. I have noticed that since my oldest daughter is growing so tall an...

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3:09 PM

Opening the curtain Opening the curtain

Sophie loves to open all three panels of drapes on her closet to display her items, so not like me , I am a close the closet door kinda girl...

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9:43 AM

Closing the Curtain Closing the Curtain

I am working on a little project that I have literally drawn the curtain on . Sophie's closet . A while ago , let's guess a year an...

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6:20 PM

Pretty Pretty

I am working on prettying up Sophie's closet this week , these images are very inspiring for pretty. Don't forget to click on the a...

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5:25 AM

Hide and Seek Hide and Seek

It took about 7 hours and a shop vac, one trip to the dump and one trip to the beer store to return bottles, but we cleaned out the gara...

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5:12 PM

Clutter and cleaning Clutter and cleaning

After finally finding the perfect clutter organizer , this is the spot that school papers and odd things go in the kitchen . I found this o...

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6:33 AM