It took about 7 hours and a shop vac, one trip to the dump and one trip to the beer store to return bottles, but we cleaned out the garage . More work will continue tomorrow.
Hubby carried out item after item shaking everything out while wearing a mask , and I vacuumed up the mess , and there was lots of mess , how many mice did we find you wonder ?, well 1 lonely dying mouse , hubby took care of it. Could it be that we got rid of most of the varmint , well lets hope so , I am being optimistic .
Apparently this is an area that often has mouse problem's , it is very hush hush . I would think an old neighbourhood would have such a problem not a brand new one.
They exist of course they do , but they are not welcome to share my loved home .
We had been wondering how did the 2 bold mice that I spotted and scared get in anyway???
We found the answer through a wide open hole in the wall , hmm wonder no more.
Hide and seek we played today, I found a seam of drywall falling off a joint in the wall , what I found was a very poorly covered hole , a hole what is this hole ?, why its a doorway , seems as though some turd when pouring our foundation left out a section for a garage to house access door , one which we did not request , since it was a $1000.00 upgrade and only encouraged me to toss garbage in our old house so we opted not to go this route again . Well at some point someone noticed and simply filled it in with a couple of studs and insulation as well as a sheet chipboard , well it was half arsed at best , leaving the gap to the right in the above photo , not wood to attached chipboard to nor any insulation .
So glad we decided to tear it open just to see for sure what we were dealing with . I filled it as best I could with expanding foam and screwed everything back into place.
It will cost $125.00 to buy a door for that area , which we are a little torn about , not so sure since the spot it is located it a real jam of doors already , one to the powder room and one to the basement and the next direction is three steps up.
However I am still thinking the area in the back of the garage would be best suited for a laundry room , my dream .

So how was your valentine's ? well it had to be better than ours.