Here we go touch up tip , I noticed that my wood floor was starting to show wear in the hall , so what I did was take a dark walnut stain water based , I used a small artist brush and generously painted in the cracks and wiped it off with a rag , what a great fix , looks as good as new, see above.

See why I need touch up Tuesday's this is the little treat my dog left me for locking him up when we had family over for Christmas, that's ok I understand his upset , it could have been much worse.
I started it last week and I thought it was probably a good idea, like re-doing the caulking around the kitchen sink , or filling in some damage or dealing with wear and tear on a hardwood floor . These little superficial upkeep issues really get to pile up , don't they .

Do I have enough pillows now, 13 is the finally tally, I love it , a little bit of a pain when we go to be , pillows litter the room , ah what can you do ?
This wall color is Fairview taupe Benjamin Moore .