Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah

I feel your pain my American sisters , first the economy now this you are missing out on Sarah programming , I do know that her shows are on...

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4:54 AM

Weekend fun Weekend fun

Look how happy she is Sophie got to see her very first live singing performance this girl sings 24 hours a day , she was soaking it all in,...

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9:18 AM

Chandeliers Chandeliers

I think this may be the one , the dark finish the clean lines , I love it , I think it would be the perfect addition . And the price I found...

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5:58 AM

Happiness Happiness

I was so happy to receive my latest Etsy purchase in the mail a day or two ago , I went out in search of a frame and found a very nice on...

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3:28 PM

Bunkbed makeover Bunkbed makeover

I have finally tackled this big project of de -browning the bunk bed , Mason was opposed at first and with the first mention that it was ok...

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9:58 AM

Ready to Roll Ready to Roll

There are many ways to spend your advertising dollars , newspaper , Internet , car vinyl , word of mouth . When I am out around town I alway...

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8:23 AM

While sourcing for snacks While sourcing for snacks

While sourcing for safe snacks for our school to sell for fundraising, as the amount of kids allergic to nuts and peanuts has jumped from 3 ...

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4:42 AM

Family room Family room

When I posted the other day to show you the before and after of this room a commenter noticed that it was not a most updated shot as the ce...

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7:25 PM

Another Blue kitchen Another Blue kitchen

Since I was showing you the evolution of my kitchen that I have been working on for the past 5 years , I thought since I found this photo I...

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6:27 PM

The kitchen reno's The kitchen reno's

What a difference , I am so happy...

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7:54 PM