Dining Dining

These are a few of my favorite rooms .

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2:04 PM

I have a complaint I have a complaint

Wake up . Feed kids breakfast Make lunch Get kids off to school Make coffee Check google reader Feed dogs Feed frog Pour coffee Day official...

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4:49 AM

A "whiteover" A "whiteover"

A " whiteover " . I did like the aqua color that I had painted about a year ago , but I tired of it quickly , it was too much o...

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6:57 AM

White and worn - by chriskauf on Polyvore.com

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5:27 AM

How Many Did it Take ??? How Many Did it Take ???

Over to the right I am going to put up a poll, I want to know how many coats of paint do you think it took to take this aqua bathroom cabine...

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6:54 PM

Keeping busy Keeping busy

I am feeling blue. Well not really , I have been painting blue though . I gave Sophie's be a fresh coat of soft blue. Sophie wanted me ...

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9:11 AM

Here are a couple of close-ups of how I dealt with this angle and corner. Here is how I finished off the end piece it is a 40 dgree cut. T...

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11:03 AM

Recessed panelling 101 Recessed panelling 101

Ok , so recessed panelling this is what this type of trim treatment is , because the centers are recessed . I have simply taken the wall an...

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9:22 AM

I don't know what is up with blogger , they layout has a mind of it's own . I wanted to give you a little tip that I came up with ....

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5:10 AM

Lowe's get 5 ***** Lowe's get 5 *****

Wow , that was a very fun little outing. I had heard Lowe's was great for lighting and boy were they right , I hit the mother load. Th...

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10:20 AM

Rate my Space Rate my Space

What is your experience with Rate My Space ? I decided to put up some new photos , of my made over dining room , my daughter's room and ...

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5:39 AM

Tuesday January 20th Tuesday January 20th

Today is a good day , I am thrilled to be watching history unfold. How proud and happy I am to see this day , it is a real step in the righ...

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7:07 AM

Low Key weekend Low Key weekend

This is my dog trying to relieve himself in back high snow , sorry for the bad quality photo, my flash obviously didn't work . This is ...

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6:34 AM

Evidence that the housing market has all but collapsed, see this house , well I love this house , it has a fantastic floor plan and it woul...

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1:38 PM

I have a TIP I have a TIP

Ok , I was so excited to go on a little outing with a girlfriend today , because Lowe's is opening and I was very eager to get inside an...

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8:17 AM

Questions Questions

The dining table was honey pine , I used a high adhesion primer { ZINSSER 123} which allows you to skip sanding, I then painted it with se...

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1:30 PM

I got a new table for FREE I got a new table for FREE

The dining room is complete . Ok well it feels like it was free , I love the cream colour of my harvest table and I think this is one of t...

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8:50 AM