Mission Complete Mission Complete

Here is the finished product, its only been oh 6 months since I decided this poor and sad chair had to be banished to the basement until its...

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5:10 AM

One step forward. One step forward.

Partial after, the chair is coming along , I love the look of the fabric and the color, I will still need to find a nice trim to cover the ...

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7:11 AM

I had to show you this I had to show you this

I am not sure of the prices of these pieces but look how lovely. I love this bookcase with doors , couldn't you easily find a spot for i...

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8:46 AM

I found this mocha velvet ribbon it was the perfect accent to my lamp shade . I love velvet ribbon. Sophie comes up with the cutest outfit...

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7:37 AM

What did I start? What did I start?

Things are coming along in the family room, I am not sure about the pale grey color for the wall change , as it is cool and the blues are co...

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6:06 AM

Sarah , Tommy and the crew Sarah , Tommy and the crew

This is Sarah and co. idea of a country space, the shell is a tent , a wood frame tent from somewhere near the Yukon, all the suppliers are ...

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5:36 AM

Today's Interior Design Show Today's Interior Design Show

Mason was sick with strep throat , so this was not the family affair it was supposed to be , but I did manage to bribe my youngest with a We...

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2:01 PM