Khan Wars is a medieval online multiplayer strategy browser game developed by XS Software and has been running since 2005. The game consists mainly of text and images (this is not a negative thing since it's well designed) and it has a medieval theme.

Players can choose between nine different nations (each having its own bonuses) and they start with an empty village. The servers have a finite time limit and they reset after a certain number of days, like in Travian.

You might start with an empty village, but three buildings can be constructed at the same time, which speeds up the game. Players can also construct mines, gather resources and -of course- train armies to conquer enemy territories so they can claim victory. They can also form alliances with other players.

The game includes sixteen 16 different battle and siege units, 11 unique units and 13 skills. Finally, Khan Wars it's completely free to play and it has thousands of players from around the world. The game has come to its 5.5 version at the present and still gains more players thanks to its persistent development.

Source: zuckr