Yu-Gi-Oh BAM is a Facebook card game based on the famous franchise of the same name. Players must collect cards to do battle against other duelists in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh. Summon powerful monsters and cast destructible spells and become the best.

Fans of the famous card game / anime series will surely enjoy this game. It is a simpler toned down version. Yu-Gi-Oh BAM plays like the PSX Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories. Check the video below.

What I mean as a simpler toned down version is the game has no card fusion effects. Players are not restricted to what they can summon in the field. Wanna slam that Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon down without fusing it three Blue Eyes Dragons? Go right ahead!

In matches, players can also add BOOSTS to their cards such as increased HP or Power. You can also cast a BOOST that acts like a Raigeki, ultimately destroying all opposing monster cards in the field. These come in a quantity, so you have to spend a few credits to buy more.

The game also offers different modes of gameplay such as Challenges, such as Hurt, Cripple All, Heal and many more. Challenges offer…well..challenge to the player. A form of rules and /or restrictions. An example would be this. Lets start with Cripple All, Cripple All means that in every turn, YOUR monster card’s power deceases by 500. Ouch!

So far there are 2 card effects. Which is Necro and Resurrection Effect. A card with the Necro Effect gains more power when more cards are added to the graveyard. As for the Resurrection, you can recall cards found in the graveyard. very nifty and adds more touch to the playability.

The major downside I found playing this game is that it is heavy on the use of real world money. If you want to buy booster packs with the use of in-game money, well you gotta start saving like crazy. A Booster pack using in-game money has a cost of 60,000!

So if you are looking for a free Yu-Gi-Oh card game in Facebook, give this game a try.

Graphics: Good
Just like any card games, the graphics are not its real selling point. It has very simple graphic design and effects.

Sound: Excellent
It has excellent sound effects! From the games special effects to the background music, it is spectacular to listen to.

Playability: Very Good
Yu-Gi-Oh BAM is far simpler than the original gameplay of Yu-Gi-Oh. It is far from complex. However, to truly experience the fun of the game, you must pay real cash money to buy booster packs.

Source: playbuzz