Guns and Robots is a free to play game with micro transactions, featuring fun art style, a lot of character customization and different battle arenas of robots of all kinds. The game is developed on Unity engine by Masthead Studios so it can be played easily on most browsers. Guns and Robots is currently in open beta with growing community and a lot of positive comments and feedback by the fans.

Guns and Robots basically boils down to two different aspects: building robots from spare parts and engines and firing against other users’ creations. You’ll get to experiment with different frames and an arsenal of weapons to find the perfect combination to suit your robot feeling and mood. For example, you’ll first need to build 3 separate modules for chassis, body and weapons designs.

The second notable factor of Guns and Robots is the online arena combat. The game’s controls are quite traditional, with the directional buttons to move, the left and right mouse buttons to fire your two weapons and a few number keys that put your weapons away to avoid depleting your ammo and affecting the durability of your guns. They’re simple but effective. But only one minor problem is there seems to no  explanation of the game’s battling components; so they should have used one.

The third best thing about Guns and Robots is the level maps. Each map is amazing by beautiful 3D cartoonish graphics and the environments are colorful and bright. You will have to go through many types of terrains to test your robot shooting skills. Each level has a great sense of depth motivating players to explore the area with their robots and find little secrets or hidden positions. The destructible environments also have a great physical aspect to them, as you can blast various objects for fun and blow up crates of dynamite. The music and sound effects are also amazing and add to the game's atmosphere greatly.

Since it is a free-to-play browser game, there must be some other ways for the developer to monetize their game. Most of in-game currency will be spent on restocking ammo and repairing robot after each fight. But in fact, it would probably be cheaper to keep building new robots from spare parts than to keep repairing the same one after every arena. The game actually advises you to conserve your ammo as well, so you only have to buy more when you need it.

Guns and Robots is a free - to - play online shooter in which players assemble funny looking, yet deadly robots. The game blends fun, inventive character design and deep customization features. Players are provided with exciting situations during variety of maps. The incredible battle mechanics combined with funny looking robots adds a whole new perspective to the genre.


  • Customizable features. In GUNS and ROBOTS, the robots come in three module classes based on players' assembly and unlimited options for character customization.
  • Pinpoint enemies with multiple weapons simultaneously. Wide variety of potential combinations per weapon allow players to fine – tune their arsenal according to their game play preferences.
  • Enjoyable and extremely funny online arenas where you literally blast your way through. The game provides players with thrilling assortment of maps to explore. 
  • Adrenaline-pumping game play. The different maps add fine mixture of thrill, speed and action to the game play.
  • Dynamic combat experience. Players can choose to line up for high - level real - time combat.
  • Custom designed arena to test the look, movements and weapons of each robot configuration.