It’s been a long time since another decent defense strategy MOBA game has come to touch devices, and Solstice Arena has far by impressed the world with it’s amazing graphics, and so much more with it’s short gameplay time.
It’s truly a pocket MOBA game for new and veteran players who no longer have the luxury of long hour gaming time.

Characters and animations during character selection are well-designed, it shows the heroes’ personality as clear as day. However, there are only a few skin selections for heroes, although that is understandable since the game is still quite new. Some unlockable skins also require real cash, this is understandable too for the Free-to-Play model. The game’s graphic interface is unique and cool looking, it’s a whole new experience for the MOBA genre.

The next big thing about this game is the short gameplay, which may be good for casual players who first know MOBA genre. The game objective is simple, all players have to do is destroy the towers of the enemy team. Unlike most MOBA games who have adopted the “DOTA” powerup which only appears on a certain spot, this game has powerups all over the area. The powerups are random and you can get to choose which one suits your hero better.

The controls are also responsive and easy to learn. Movement and attack moves are not as difficult as using an “on-screen touchpad” like some mobile MOBA games use. However, like all MOBA games, mastering how to control your hero isn’t that easy. Although the game recommends equipment for your hero to buy, if you are a hardcore gamer – you will need to learn more about each item to fully customize your hero according to your game style.

Solstice Arena's concept is easy to learn, so new and veteran players will find this not hard to play. The game controls are also touch intuitive as well as responsive. The game does not have a lot of bloody gore details so it’s fairly playable for all ages, which may be a goal for all mobile games.

Source: playbuzz