Pantheon Legend is an upcoming card RPG from Gamebox that will be available on both web browser and IOS. Besides the collection and changing of cards, upgrading, evolution and other RPG elements, various interesting instances have also been creatively designed for players to challenge. Instances in Pantheon Legend have many levels. They are vital for the gaming progress, character upgrading and card collection.

So far according to Gamebox, there are totally 3 types of instances in Pantheon Legend, including storyline instance, elite instance and event instance. Details of each can be found below.

Storyline Instance
It is the fundamental instances integrated into the storyline of the game. It has 16 progresses and each progress has 10 levels. So there are in total 160 levels waiting for your challenge! When exploring deeper into Pantheon Legend, you will encounter more challenging enemies on your way, and in return, get more powerful cards of various kinds.

Elite Instance
16 storyline instances correspond to 16 elite instances. Elite instance provides not only more rewards than storyline instance, but also essential evolutional items. Found storyline instances too easy? Try challenge these elite ones!

Event Instance
Slow upgrading? Insufficient silver? All these worries are nothing! Brand new event instances with massive silver and exp. rewards will make your pantheon legend much easier. Meanwhile, ten hero cards will be easily collected in the special hero instance.

Pantheon Legend will launch its first closed beta test on Aug 22nd. For now, players who are interested on battle card games may go to their Facebook page to get first hand news and also the opportunities to receive rare cards and massive items as rewards in the closed beta test.

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