Rubicon Development, the creator of Great Little War Game and its sequel Great Big War Game has announced the studio’s latest and awesomest creation: turn-based tactical strategy game Combat Monsters for PC and leading mobile platforms. Featuring 3D animated battles and over 100 monsters as well as a series of weapons and gear, the game is ambitious to creating a sensational, fun yet free experience.

In Combat Monsters, the player’s Hero spawns three-dimensional creatures to a large board that serves as the battlefield. Once spawned, each warrior or monster can attack with thrusting and slicing weapons, move about, heal itself or others, or cast devastating spells like the ever-popular fireball – which takes a full health point every turn. When the enemy’s Hero is fatally wounded, the battle is won.

The game shares the similar legacy with other card games in the great variety of cards and monster design, integral role-playing and tactical card battles, but puts all those on a 3D board for better presentation. Not only a matter of visual effect, the 3D battlefield gives players more intuitive control over their fighters as they move about on it and pick monsters to move or act.

Combat Monsters provides players with hundreds of cards, with which they can build their powerful decks with specific themes. And there are also dozens of weapons and gears, magical spells and other forms of power-ups that can be used to further empower the monsters or turn the tide of a battle. And the game is mainly multiplayer, supporting at most 6 players in a fight as they compete for victory using skills and tactics.

The game is described by its creator as “free or almost free”, with the optional purchase of booster packs in the game shop. And it will be a cross-platformer with seamless gameplay on PC, iOS and Android in launch.

Combat Monsters is estimated to enter into open beta on August 21st.

Key Features
  • Play anywhere: Cross-platform play with shared accounts allows for true roaming
  • Eliminate the competition ... in 3D: We don’t skimp on dimensions, no sir!
  • We have a board: On which your warriors and monsters may move about!
  • Flexible multiplayer: "Daily asynchronous" and live online play for up to six players; private or public with matchmaking to prevent unbalanced battles.
  • Affordable decks and expansions: Free or almost free—because it’s not 1986 (or even 2006)!
  • The taste of things to come is ... sweet: Ambitious future roadmap with trading, sit-and-go constructed and sealed deck tournaments, new races and cards ... and more!
  • Monsters for all tastes: 132 unique monsters across 11 races with 50+ unique activated abilities
  • Weaponized weapons of war: 70 unique weapons to shred the enemy to pieces
  • Armor that keeps you alive longer: 28 sets of armor—and 28 opportunities to survive certain death
  • Spellcast like 1969: 42 spells to tilt the battle in your favor
  • Celtic cheerleaders: 22 to choose from (runes, that is)!
  • Platform agnostic: PC, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10

Source: mmohunter