VEGA Conflict is a space-themed RTS browser game from Kixeye behind Battle Pirates and War Commander. In this new game, players add modules, extract resources from asteroids, research technologies, build ships, defend their bases, and raid others’ bases to seize more resources and strengthen themselves.

Staying true to conventional strategy contents, VEGA Conflict puts players through the restricted constructions, upgrades, researches and productions consuming varying amounts of resources. They not only build and enhance modules, and research technologies, they also need to manufacture various parts to install onto some modules and even the battle ships. All those actions call for a huge amount of resources, which explains the insatiable desire for expansion and invasion that grows quietly inside one’s heart ever since he or she enters the World of VEGA Conflict, which is the same case as in many strategy titles.

But thankfully, Vega presented all those conventional elements in an inventive way. For one thing, players don’t unlock or purchase land on a strange planet. The whole large space is available right away and one places modules, resource miners and other structures floating in the air as long as they are close enough to each other and could be linked to the main Outpost.

For another thing, the resource collecting differs slightly from usual experience. There are these asteroids scattered in the universe that hold many yet still limited resources and players have to place one type of resource miners near an asteroid to draw the associated kind of resource, which can be Zynthium, Helium 3 or Mineral Ore.

Researching technologies in the labs provides access to the railguns, shields, Harrier Frigate, Tritanium and other stuff that will come handy when any one attempts to crush you and your base or when you do that to others. Once you’ve built enough ships and equip them with all the best possible weapons and gear, you could launch your fleet, attacking the cargo fleet carrying resources or enemy bases.

Whenever you initiate such an attack, a real-time battle is started where you move your ships, aim at approaching enemies and release attacks. The battle ends only when all the ships on either side lose all their health.

The game only offers a brief tutorial but no quest system. Players get to know the general functions of structures and basic operations and then are left alone. On one hand, they could do everything in their own way, construct, upgrade, research, and produce. On the other hand, there is no specific guide or tip when it comes to battles and later actions and players have to figure it out all by themselves.

But that is far from being disappointing or problematic in VEGA Conflict, where the only possible issue is the game’s sole reliance on your mouse. For every action you take, you left click. Click any structure and you will see the functional buttons for performing different actions. Even when you are fighting, you still have to click each ship and then their destinations and attack targets, which was quite time-consuming and tedious in real-time combat.

The unique territory management set in the beautiful outer space, and the challenging offending and defending experience form the enthralling attraction of VEGA Conflict. But if players don’t have to left click for every move, the game would be even more riveting.

Source: dotmmo