Cyber Monster is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG developed by NGames. The game is much loved by its cute cartoonish design and characters, but is not aimed for hardcore players because of its rather easy and simple gameplay.

Cyber Monster is a turn-based mmo in a fantasy setting. Players can collect pets and mounts, fight mythical creatures and explore a magic world. Player interaction is crucial as great battles cannot be won without allies. The game is somehow similar to Tamer Saga.

Cyber Monster has 4 playable classes and 2 factions. Warriors are melee fighters with good armor and hp. They mainly use swords and active skills to damage their enemies. Passive skills improve a warrior's hp and defense. Rangers prefer to use bows as primary weapons. Mages use 2 handed swords but, they rely on magic spells to eliminate those who stand in their path. Active and passive skills increase dealt damage. Priest help allies with friendly buffs and healing spells.

When characters advance, they gain positions. Low level characters start as citizens. The highest position a player can earn is monarch. Each promotion level has a reward. After players defeat mobs in battle, they can use them as their pets. 

There are 5 types of Cyber Monster pets, including humanoid, elf, animal, monster and dragon. Pets have individual skills and stats. When pets gain levels, their stats improve.

Cyber Monster provides main, daily and event quests like other MMORPG. Players can wear equipment to improve their performance and fashion outfits as well. There are all sorts of funny outfits like panda or Bruce Lee costumes. 

The PvP mode is also applied for all players. There are multiple ways for players to interact with each other. One of them is the marriage system. When certain conditions are met, players gain titles. Cyber Monster titles provide no benefits other than showing off to other players.

Joining a guild is a great way to meet Cyber Monster friends and to gain certain advantages. Guilds have farms that are used as training grounds for pets. The number of pets that can be trained and XP gain rate depend on farm level. Guild members can call upon the guild beast to help them in battles. Guild pets can form a squad and participate in faction and resource wars. Guild technology determines pet farm, squad and guild beast performance. The resource gain is also connected with guild technology. Guild members have access to special guild quests. Union and Empire guilds can take part in mining wars.

Source: mmo-play