Aeria Games has introduced Aura Kingdom, a new free-to-play MMORPG on their portal. Developed by X-Legend, creators of Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom promises an anime art style, with eight classes and cross-class weapon switching (multi-classing then), changeable skills and combos with pets that grow over time, the pets also record your adventures and provide more interaction based on the storyline.

One of the main features of the game is that players will be accompanied during his adventures by unique interactive companions that play an integral role in their journey. Far more than simple pets, these companions grow more formidable over the course of the game and gain powerful combat abilities-including joining with the player to initiate spectacular combo attacks.In addition these companions will remember your actions ingame, frequently conversing with the player about their past exploits and battles.

Players will have at its disposal 8 different classes, but along the way they are able to select a secondary weapon normally wielded by one of the remaining classes. You can also choose which skills power up to suit their play style, and are encouraged to change those skills around frequently in order to meet any challenge they face.

“Aura Kingdom is the highest quality game we've ever seen in its genre, and we’re very glad to be able to share it with the eager fans at this event,” said JT Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer, Aeria Games. “We have high expectations that this game will resonate well with our community and are excited to work with such talented developers once again.“

Key Features
  • Interactive Companions – Simple pets are a thing of the past. Companions in Aura Kingdom are an integral part of the experience. Maintaining detailed memories of a player’s past exploits, they even have the ability to carry on unique conversations pertaining to each individual player.
  • Fast, Fluid Battles – Take advantage of your mobility in combat, because position and quick thinking will enable you to dodge enemy attacks and stay on your feet. Call in your companion to join with you, granting access to powerful new abilities and spectacular combo attacks!
  • Adapt to Any Fight – Customize your hero to stay well-prepared. Choose which of your many abilities to power up to suit your style of play, and change them around quickly and freely. Players are encouraged to experiment with different setups often, as the right approach can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Travel in Style – Utilize double-jumps to scale heights and glide forward through the air at dizzying speed to cover ground faster than you ever thought possible. Climb on the back of an extensive array of mounts to blaze a trail, available even to low level players!
  • Stunning Anime Art – Be treated to exceptional graphics that paint a vibrant picture of this vast world in a rich anime art style. Fans will drink in vast, gorgeous landscapes, charming towns, and a plethora of unique character models from the smallest pixies to the most towering enemy bosses!
  • An Unforgettable World – As you trek across the countryside, explore mysterious dungeons, and climb massive towers, the world and its inhabitants remain stars of the show. Dark forces are at work to threaten the peace of this entrancing land, and only you and your fellow adventurers can stop them!