NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the online games portal, has recently revealed classes and first character customisation details for their upcoming browser-based MMORG, Cyber Monster 2 – New World Awaits.

Currently in development for the online games portal, Cyber Monster II takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original game. After the new peace of the Nezor continent is shattered by the return of powerful dragons, players must band together and combine their skills before the flying beasts reach the inner cities. The sequel promises new game mechanics based on the latest browser-based technologies, with vibrant new graphics delivering an eye-popping experience that expands on the original Cyber Monster adventure.

According to NGames, there are three major classes in Cyber Monster II, including Warrior, Mage and Ranger. Each class comes with unique fighting styles, skills, attributes, and motives.

Destined to be the main fighting force against the fearsome dragons, Warriors are blessed by god, inheriting the power of Earth to inflict immense damage on their enemies. Warriors utilize their skills on the front line, using Bladestorm and Cruel Swordsmanship to hack away at foe’s defences. Although Warriors take the brunt force of enemy advances; they can use passive skills, such as Holy Shield and Dragonlike Stout, to raise defense and max HP by 2% with each level.

Mages seek the pursuit of ultimate destructive power; their main goal to defeat the giant dragon. Those that remain are small in number, but together their strength is truly devastating. Skills such as Arcane Blast, Arcane Windstorm and Flamestorm deal both massive damage and paralysing effects, while passive skills like Best Attack and Trigger Magic raise both speed and damage by 2% per level.

Rangers are as swift and nimble as the wind. Their accuracy combined and power allows them to deal fatal damage to their enemies. One powerful Poison Arrow attack from a Mage can cause deadly injuries over time, while Pierce Shoot can be used to slice through multiple enemies in a column. Like Warriors and Mages, Rangers have impressive passive abilities, using Precise and Foresee skills to raise their evasion and critical hit by 2% with each level.

All classes have plenty of character attributes for Cyber Monster II players to increase. While characters all hold the same essential attributes, such as HP, Attack, Defense, Critical Hit, and Speed, there are also special traits that represent a class’ specific power. EXP points, Gold, Elements and Crystals are all tools players can use to customise and improve their character’s level, equipment, mounts and pets as they adventure across the new world of Nezor.

Cyber Monster 2 promises to be an exciting new browser based MMO that gives players the opportunity to become the next heroic Dragon Slayer. Publisher NGames will be revealing more information on Cyber Monster II in the coming weeks.