Heroes of the Realm is a free to play fantasy MMORPG that performs well on web browsers. The player controls an army of Japanese style characters or units presented in cards to engage in the turn-based battles in PVP room, or PVE maps.

The game is pretty much similar to Kings and Legends, a game from Just A Game. Players can manage their heroes or build a group of decks and then send them to battlefield.

Unlike those CCG games we were familiar with, Heroes of the Realm offers a landscape of resource management that lets players craft their heroic cards by collecting resources. This formula somewhat conforms to that of strategy games like Evony, or Castlot. Players will need to build farm, mine and stone quarry in order to produce necessary materials for their units. These resources can also be looted through campaign.

Heroes of the Realm is yet another strategy title combined with card collecting experience. Players follow quests and win battles so as to obtain various hero cards. These heroes are going to lead their troops to win battles against monsters and other players.

All the hero cards you will get have their own stats, including strength, intelligence, luck and etc. Once you drag a hero into your formation dedicated for PVE combats in area maps or for PVP battles in the Arena, the hero will obtain experience if they are not killed in the battles you win.
Now and then your heroes will level up and you can assign points to improve their stats. Since the heroes are classified into different professions, it would be wise to distinctively enhance their certain stats over others.

And to make the RP experience much more challenging and engaging, the game enables players to equip heroes with weapons and armors they get by eradicating monsters in the area maps or by fulfilling quests.

Thanks to the added role playing content, the strategy designing in the game distinguishes itself among so many strategy titles out there. Players not just construct buildings, they also have to equip and manage detailed stats of all their heroes as well as the formations.

It is a mixed blessing when a strategy game introduces social game contents in the management of territories. Resources are still the focus but the resource structures do not automatically generate the things you need. You have to, as in social games on Facebook, click a structure, select the specific product you prefer and start the production. Productions take time of different lengths and players can choose the ones that offer the most resources during their absence. However, that also means you have to calculate the time rather than just leave it alone and simply reopen the web page and find your warehouse filled with plenty of resources for you to continue.

Nevertheless, Heroes of the Realm incorporates something quite annoying. The warehouse, or the storage capacity, has always been an issue. It is reasonable enough to have more resources than you can hold before you build a warehouse, but it certainly is unacceptable if one upgrades the warehouse to level 3 and level 4 and still have to find ways to spend the excessive resources so as to make room for the quest rewards in the warehouse.

Also, the game contains too much grinding. It keeps players clearing the few waves of monsters on the maps again and again. You are not merely asked to eradicate all those monsters, but also are quested with killing them in difficult and heroic modes and you have to meet more specific requirements, for example completing a battle with Rank S or higher (that means you have to complete the battle as soon as possible at the minimum costs) Anyway, whatever the cause is, you always have to click the same place on the map for many times before you are done with them. Although strategy games seldom stress battles and the battles in this game are automatically conducted, the repeated revisits are still grinding and can easily keep gamers from enjoying further.

Source: mmowood