ChronoBlade is an MMORPG Hack and Slash Isometric game developed by nWayGames. In this game you will slash your enemies with amazing combos and kick-assing abilities. Also you will play through different missions where lots of them include a boss battle in the end. Lots of weapon, armor and accessory drops will allow you to customize your character and his stats.

ChronoBlade is supposed to be MMORPG but it is mostly based on solo campaign missions and character customization with features like crafting. But also you will be able to fight other players by choosing the Tournament option.

Graphics of ChronoBlade are isometric to 2D and average for a browser game but still the environment is not the best part of the game. The environment is kinda similar to all the missions and not beautiful at all, just a static background being pointless in the gameplay. The only thing that it is interactive in the environment maybe some barrels or pots you can destroy to take money. From the other side the animations are quite surprising and usually the player’s special abilities and moves give a huge advantage in the gameplay.

ChronoBlade's gameplay is where the whole game is focused. Giving you the amazing feeling of finishing your enemies with epic combo attacks and powerful abilities the game gets a top position in hack and slash gaming. Except the Campaign there are two other features where you can go against other players. The Tournament where it is basically like survival, the more waves you survive the bigger your score will be. And PVP where you go against other players all over the world.

You will find weapons, armor, boots, helmet etc. by killing enemies or by paying the shop a visit. Also a skill tree is available so you can customize your abilities and the way you like playing ChronoBlade.

As every Hack And Slash game it has cool sounds that suit the game play style and make it fun to play. The music of Chronoblade is just a simple background music and not something so special.

In summary, Chronoblade is a solid MMO game with action-packed gameplay, stunning visual effect but its focus on solo campaign and lack of other multiplayer depth may cause MMORPG fans lose much interest.