Crazy Fairies is a cross-platform shooting game where you choose a feature character and armed with switchable magical or physical weapons to shoot enemies, which is based on based on your different Trajector, in Quick Game or Quest System modes.

In the game, you can move the mouse to the edge of the screen, or use scroll wheel to zoom in or out the camera. The control works the same as Wild Ones, or Crazy Penguin Wars is and you simply click and hold your mouse and then press space to shoot the enemies. After you take care of your enemies, you can gain prizes and experience points.

During the game, you can use tab or click the weapon icon to switch weapon. Each individual character has a health gauge and if you happen to shoot the head of your enemy, you will be more likely to win. Otherwise, you enemy will fight back in the next round.

After you choose the “Quick game”, you will be simply assigned a uniquely structured map where both you and your enemy may not be familiar with. If you fail to shoot the target, you should remember how far the target is from you and mark the gauge line, which may help you identify the right.

With titles like Alice: Madness Returns and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Spicy Horse stands out for its unique characters. That is why I was not very surprised when I found the playable characters include a skeleton in a cloak, a red-haired female ninja, Peter Pan, Hua Mulan which is a legendary female soldier from ancient China, and a maid with beard and sideburns, which reminds me of the cartoon-series Usavich. Each of those characters has its own advantage. For example, Edith Lizard, the aforementioned maid, has an extra 5% chance to dodge from magic attack.

But that doesn’t make much difference when it comes to battles, which are basically what the game is about. You are allowed to enter the Training, to click the Quick Game button which randomly puts you in a duel or in a multiplayer game or to create a room of your own and select between the PVP or PVE scenarios.

The controls are understandably simple. Click the right button of the mouse or press right and left arrow keys, and you will be able to move your character to the destination. Click a target or press up and down arrow keys to aim at your target, hold spacebar until enough force is attached to your shot, and release the spacebar to open fire.

Weapons and aiming determine to a large extent whether you are going to win a game. Not that some weapons overshadow others. Since you may enter different maps, there are chances that the weapons you have now could not play its fullest role in some maps, which could easily claim your character’s life. Two weapons are offered for you right from the get-go while others are available at the Shop. And you’d better pay close attention when you enter the shop, for the first page presented to you would be the Rent page, which deals with gold instead of the silver coins that you would obtain after winning games.

Fairies’ weapons are not as advanced as those in Crazy Penguin Wars. There are Frog King’s Wand, Zeus’s Bolt, Cursed Magic Sword, Huntsman’s axe, Skull Bomb, Dwarf’s cannon, Thor’s Hammer and Artemis’s Bow. Zeus’s Bolt enables players to cast lightening towards targets; Skull Bomb releases lingering gases that harms approaching or bypassing characters; and Artemis’s Bow allows you to propel multiple arrows simultaneously, enhancing the hitting chance or even attacking multiple enemies. Among those things, I like Thor’s Hammer the best because even if I miss the target, as long as the hammer lands at a place close enough to the target, it can still cause some damage.

Your aiming matters a lot. You don’t merely have the structures blocking enemies from you, you also have the gravity and wind which might lower the hitting possibility. Zeus’s Bolt, for example, amazed me at first and I bought it without any hesitation. But out of dozens of attempts, only two attacks hit the target. And I concluded I’d rather use it when it comes to large monsters and nowhere else before I knew how to use it effectively.

There is still something I don’t like so much in Crazy Fairies. Since you can move only when it is your turn, you might take pride in how close you get to the target and how accurate your shot is, but you are also at a spot where he or she can easily land counterattacks on you. And you can do nothing about it. Also, when you get too close to your target, you might get hurt or even kill yourself when you try to smash your enemy. But that also enhances the fun and difficulty. Anyway, it is complicated.

Source: dotmmo