Imperium: Galactic War is the latest sci-fi strategy browser MMO that is both developed and published by Kabam after a successful series of browser games like Wartune, Hobbit and Edgeworld. In the game you are in the middle of a three faction war against the Imperium, the darkest force of the galaxy. You must choose between one of the three factions, which have uniquely different play-styles and interests, and defeat both other players as well as NPC enemies.

The game will be familiar to those players who enjoy that strategy/city building type of games that are generally offered by Kabam. In Imperium: Galactic War you will need to build and maintain a base while expanding it to further your armies and create strategies to defeat your enemies. What's unique about the combat in the game is that you have the opportunity to not just let an auto attack mode start when battling, but you can manually select and attack enemy ships on your own terms. You can also dodge incoming attacks by moving your ships.

Another helpful tool in playing the game is teaming up with alliances and fighting with a team. For those who may not have any friends playing the game you can always head over to the Imperium: Galactic War official forums where you can get recruited into an alliance, as well as check out some general tips and tricks for playing the game.

Game Highlights

  • Real-time Synchronous Combat - Battle your foes in real-time
  • Construct fleets YOUR way - Build and customize an armada of unique and powerful star ships
  • Skill matters - Pilot your fleets against other players where tactics and quick thinking prevail
  • Choose your race from three mighty factions
  • Build a powerful Starbase - upgrade and defend this fearsome fortress

Source: mmoattack