Fantasy Rivals is a browser based Collectible Card Game (CCG), massively multiplayer online (MMO) virtual trading card game, free to play on web browser, it comes from Boostr, the developer of the popular Urban Rivals.

Fantasy Rivals set the action in a fantasy world populated with heroes, monsters and magic. A friendly tutorial will acquaint you with the basic rules, but also offer the initial collection of cards for normal battles. Afterwards you will have to complete various quests, and compete against players from all over the world.

Three game modes are disponible, all player versus player (PvP) oriented: Training, League and Classic. To build your deck, you will need to choose between a large variety of heroes, which are divided in six different factions, each one with their own style of play and his special abilities.

To win, the player must build carefully his strategy, choose the right card with proper ability, and wisely use available Mana. Winning in this game is a mix of skill and luck, you cannot win just with bluffing, but always a good strategy needs a bit of luck.

Fantasy Rivals has good visual effects, good sound, and an immersive gameplay with strategic battles.

Source: mmoraw