Monkey Quest is a cute and fun platform game where you enter the world of Ook as a monkey, in order to beat the many monsters that inhabit the jungle and help the citizens in the battle against evil. Monkey Quest is an adorable game, designed mostly for the younger audience though it’s cuteness and arcade-like cool game play will appeal to the older ones as well.

The game is browser based so all that is needed is to click play, and you are instantly teleported to the land of Ook, a land divided after a great war in which the hero of the land disappeared after defeating the evil that threatened the monkey population. The land was then divided to regions by the companions of the hero, and ever since the land waits for the hero to return.

Monkey Quest features many areas to discover, and a lot of gear to gather as well. The in-game currency is... bananas , which are mostly easily obtained. Areas except for the common ones are special for you and your party members only, so you have no need worrying about people killing your monsters and stealing your money and items. Re-entering an area will re-spawn the monsters, boxes and the bananas, allowing you to gain more experience and goods, and even receive rare and unique items. However you will gain less and less exp from monsters as you level so its best not to stay much in one location. Besides, there is a huge world out there to discover, right?

The party system is quite simple and friendly, the game features many areas you can enter with friends and uncover secrets and items. you can also create and join guilds, chat with nearby fellow monkey and of course trade with them.

Monkey Quest is very quest oriented, there are many NPCs handing out quests, experience and items. Many quests are part of the big story line and will introduce you to the vast land and mechanics of the game.
Gaining levels is easy and rewarding, you cannot select how to increase your attributes (life, attack and defense) each level so the major improvements come your weapon and armor.

Controls are simple and easy to learn and you have four hot keys, one for your melee weapon, one for your ranged weapon, and two you can utilize for food and consumables. The combat system is easy to use with fun and cool weapons while new items keeps coming out, allowing constant improvement and upgrading.
Monkey quest also features a crafting and alchemy system, merchants all over the world will sell you recipes and different crafting materials, which you can also obtain from monsters and special areas, so you can create your own potions and gear.

There are two types of currency in the game, the bananas will allow you to purchase many items with different rarities but you can also buy NC cash which gives you a wider selection and access to rarer equipment. But of course the best items will come from the boss monsters which roam the jungle. Beating them wont be easy and will require help, but you cant let them continue their reign of terror and fear over the jungle.

The game encourages team play, having a close by party member will increase your banana multiplier and gaining more exp. Even if you don’t have a friend logged on, there is a button to actively look for a party and join them. You can also teleport yourself directly to a friend, saving the trouble of finding them.
For a web based game, the 3d graphics are quite good, the character design is cute and funny, every item you use has its own look and animation, the different regions are nicely crafted and are not repetitive.
The in game music doesn’t seem to get old and it’s jungle rhythm puts you the right mind set, allowing hours of online play without noticing the time passing by.

Monkey quest is a fun and amusing arcade game, with simple controls, great graphics and cool music, all combined to a cute and enjoyable game appealing to all ages. Boy or a girl, all are welcome in the world of Ook.

Source: mmosquare