As in our previous announcement, the developer behind the award winning Iron Grip series has started giving players access to the closed beta of their new turn-based strategy game March of War. And lately they have released a cool artwork of one of the 6 in-game factions which players will control. That is the African Warlords! The remaining factions include Alliance, Empire, Junta, Republic, and Union.

Scrapyard metal and war animals, the African Warlords are the final faction of March of War. Have you been able to decide which faction you want to play? You can vote on the game's site.

“No-one saw us coming that day in the Sahara. The United Republic launched an attack to secure their holdings at the Suez Canal. I saw the white men tremble in their boots as we gathered to reclaim the lands that are ours.” – Hanifa

The tribes of Africa united for the first time in history, to defeat an attack by Republican armies in 1935. The Suez Canal had been dug not fifty years before to enable easier trade between Europe and Asia. As the European Alliance had to withdraw most of their military forces from Africa, and following pirate activities in the now lawless area, the United Republic stepped in to claim the Canal. They didn’t count on the anger of tribal Africa, who saw the chance to rule their own lands without colonial interference.

The Republic were defeated utterly, but the truly wondrous thing happened after this bloody battle: the tribes stayed united under the flag of the African Warlords. Led by Hanifa, the diamond of the savannah, the Warlords started salvaging what was left on the battlefield. From the scrap metal of blown up tanks, howitzers and motor cycles, they started to fortify their war elephants and repair and improve their own vehicles. Hanifa had done the impossible; capturing the fury of Africa and giving it direction.

“Warlord, are you ready to mount your elephant and reclaim our lands?”

Below is a sneak peek of these African Warlords.  

Moreover, the developer has provided us several exclusive keys for the Closed Beta! So if you really want to check out this cool cross-platform 3D war strategy game, please email us at and state your interest in March of War.

Please remember the amount of keys are quite limited so first come, first serve!