Call of Camelot is a new browser-based MMORPG that follows the story that adventurers fight dragons, demons, and wizards across the vastly large map in the realm of Camelot. Meanwhile players can challenge other players from all over the world. The game has previously been released in China and is apparently a huge hit with over 300 active servers. Lately Joyhubs has announced its license for the game to the international market.


  • Multiple PvP (Player vs. Player) System: The game will have three different types of battles
  • Battle Ground: You are placed in a team and must defeat the other. Players win honor points that can be used for better items. Only playable at certain times per day.
  • Siege Warfare: Guild fighting guild fighting guild. The winning guild controls the Castle Smolderia until the next Siege begins.
  • Encounter: Attack players out in the world of Camelot. Winners get the spoils as losers lose their loot.
  • Instances: Where players can train themselves or their mounts.
  • In-game Legal Bot: Allows players to beat mobs automatically. Very helpful in leveling.
  • Item Upgrading System: Enhance weapons and armor at the blacksmith.
  • Consign for Sale: Sell items to other players without the need of an auction.
  • Mount System: Players are able to ride on many types of animals found throughout the map.
  • Marriage System: Teleport to your partner’s location automatically at any time while married.