Soul of Guardian is a MMORPG browser game published by WSgame with many active servers, plenty of items and dungeons to explore, simple combat system and an amazing amount of content for a browser game. In Soul of Guardian (SoG), you pick one of four different classes, each has it’s own weapon and play style, complemented by a unique set of skills. As in any RPG, you will gain experience and money by completing quest and killing monster, and by participating in the daily events. As you level you can increase your skills’ power and get access to better equipment.

At first SoG is very quest-centric, there are plenty of quests with high experience rewards, so leveling until level 30 is pretty fast. However it doesn’t mean you become powerful fast, as skills level only every couple of levels. There comes a time though when doing quest doesn’t give you a full level, and the game’s pace get slower. Since the exp gathered from normal monsters that roam the vast Battlesoul Continent is rather low, doing daily events is a great way to receive big junks of exp and some unique loot. BoG features several daily events you can do a limited amount of times per day, those events are unlocked upon reaching a certain level, and will require quite a lot of effort to finish in a decent manner. Some also require team work in a decent party, so make friends and join a party to beat might beasts.

A great addition to any adventurer is his trusty pet. in SoG there is an interesting pet system that allows you to have multiple pets and raise them, though only one can fight by your side. Pets has different classes and can level and evolve as you play with them, granting more power to your partner.

The equipment system is pretty diverse, there are several rarity types and each item has several ranks to it. additional attributed can be identified as well, increasing the equipment power. Since you cannot change the character attributes as you level up, the way to make your character unique and powerful is by finding those rarer and coveted pieces of armor.

Walking around the map is tiring though, so at level 10 you receive a free mount to hasten your travels. You can also get new mounts from shops or by completing special quests as you level up. One of my favorite features though is the ability to instantly teleport to anywhere in the map by consuming a special item that is rather easy to get. thus eliminating the annoying need to spend time running back to town to sell some of the useless gear you found while killing monsters.

Combat in Soul of Guardian is pretty simple, you can either click on a skill to use it from the hot-key menu, or simply activate auto-mode and let your character hack away monsters as he see fit. There are several options you can choose for the auto-mode, like which skills to use and when to use the different potions so you won’t die while away.

For leisure, there is a special fishing system, in which you can fish in various locations and exchange your catch for different items from the vendor.

There is always something more to do in Soul of Guardian, there are plenty of dungeon and boss monsters you can kill to gain special items, at level 55 you gain access to the Relic system that allow you to increase your attributes by upgrading your relic with energy crystals you receive from dungeons.

SoG features a decent 2.5D graphics which is common in this types of browser based action RPG, the character and armor design is pretty good and there is enough content in the game that will appeal to many players. Since it’s a browser game, it’s easy to log in from anywhere, do a dungeon or two, put your character on afk-mode and let it do the work while you work.

Source: mmosquare