A century ago, Calgary was a sleepy little town with a Wild West pedigree and rural roots. Fast forward to today and ‘Cowtown’ has transformed into the heart of the New West. Situated on the edge of the foothills, with views of the mountains and plenty of flatland to expand into, Calgary has become one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.
Long gone are the days of ranchers and rednecks dominating the city – as a hub of white-collar headquarters for the oil and gas industries, business is booming. Paradoxically, Calgary has held onto its traditional roots yet enjoys the benefits of a booming economy at the same time. The vision of a Wrangler- and Stetson-clad urban cowboy stepping out of a Ferrari or Hummer isn’t uncommon.
There’s sites from the ’88 Olympics to check out, a growing arts, fine dining and club scene, and a youthful energy flowing through town to keep things lively. As the saying goes, this is the most fun you can have with your boots on.Show in Lonely Planet