Tamer Saga is a browser-based RPG where you can learn spells, tame pets or beasts forge weapons and eventually engage in the battles with monsters or real players. The game is published by China-based PopPace.


In the dazzling and fantastic world, you are able to follow an engrossing storyline and reward yourself with refreshing experiences of collecting emblems, taming pets as well as performing various quests.

There are four basic classes including Warrior, Maga, Priest and Ranger. In terms of gameplay, emblem selection, pets deployment and the album system constitute the backbone of Tamer Saga. Five distinct emblems with unique and mighty powers are embedded in the game for you to choose from, and they could be rather devastating in increasing the damage. Meanwhile, there come five battle formations in the pets deployment system, which allows you to organize different teams by selecting your pets as well as the demons and bosses that are confined in the album system.


Games with animated scenes are common, so are those featuring cute characters. But few games have both merits at the same time. Perhaps that is why Tamer Saga is still a delight regardless of all the other elements.

Cute characters are the reason that I chose this game in the first place. But as I dig into this game, I realize that lovely avatars are far from being among Tamer Saga’s highlights. Some players are obsessed when plants stand out to fight against zombies for them while others are fascinated about the blood and gore in monster killing and hunting. Well, I believe more would enjoy Tamer Saga. Anyway, who can resist the temptation when mushroom, pumpkin, ghost, fire, horse, wolves or even cannibal chest populate the world you are about to conquer?

It is pretty amazing to discover that I am a VIP9 for unknown reasons (propaganda for enhanced experience? I can only guess) upon entering the game. The progression from the outset was simple, or to be specific, completed somehow without anything but following tips and clicking. After level 20, however, leveling up grows more difficult and that is exactly where fun begins. By the way, that was also the moment when “Top 10 Ranger” appeared above my character’s head. That pleases me no matter it is simply a comfort title or a real one.

There is not a dedicated tutorial at the beginning. Tips and guidance are embodied in certain quests and in the quiz displayed on the left of the interface that you can take once in a while. Also on the left is a Divination dialogue where you can choose a Tarot Card and take advantage of its gift for a specific period of time. In that way, I obtained a pair of shoes to speed up my character’s speed and the clothes of a king and the appearance of a flying ghost.

Tracking and battling are all performed automatically and most of the time, especially in the beginning, you just click the target mission in the right quest bar of the interface. Easy and stupid? Kind of. But not that much when you are dead in a battle. If you’re dead or even defeated (yes, even if you are dead, you still have pets battle for you, and you are only defeated after they died too), do use the Small HP Orb or the Medium HP Orb to replenish the HPs of your pets and you. Otherwise, your character will rush to the next battlefield with only 1 HP. You can imagine what a disaster that can turn out to be. Regularly equip yourself with the rewards you get, upgrade your equipment and formation so as to defeat enemies before they take you down.

I don’t know what to say when I find my pets outlive me all the time. Pets have much more HPs than characters of the same level and those bastard animals, plants and ghosts focus on my character before it is dead. By far, I only have mushroom as companions while all others defeated in previous fights are in my album, waiting for me to challenge whenever I want. If one succeeds in defeating those monsters in the album again, they are ready to be summoned in battles. There is a Eudemon Phoenix in Guild that looks like a flying shrimp with a dragon’s head and fire all over its body. Cool, isn’t it? That is why I spent 100 contribution points (to the guild) in hiring it to help in battles temporally. It helped a lot especially in battle against boss monsters (where I died soon).

Never underestimate enemies. Yes, you are not alone. You have pets fighting with you. But you are not alone in that sense, either. You will find enemies also come in bunches. It doesn’t matter which enemy you are tasked with killing and you may come across various types of them. That is convenient when you accept multiple Guild tasks and daily tasks, which often require you to kill 20 or so animals of certain kinds. For example, after you click the mission targeting Victory Horses, you end up in a battle against a random combination of Victory horses, Long-eared Rabbits, Ghosts, Fire Spirits, and Mutant Carnivorous Tadpoles, and after a victory, you will see in the quest bar that you have achieved progress in all the quests targeting enemies involved in the battle. There is this Fire Spirit which effortlessly kills me many times before my lovely mushroom kills it. That explains why it is the first one I decide to defeat and summon in the album.

Players who have any experience in MMORPGs with turn-based battle mode must be familiar with the fact that you are always easily defeated when enemies outnumber your team. That is often the case in Tamer Saga, at least according to my experience. Given that the formation selection is limited based on my present level, I have to level up my pets separately. And that proves to be stupid when I am supposed to challenge a real player in the Arena, who has a superman and another seemingly invincible guy (both at level 27) as companion while I had only two mushrooms at level 16. After a sweeping victory of the opponent, I learn the lesson: companions matter in all the possible forms. Then I start visiting the album just to pick up my fellows for battles.

Amazing, huh? That’s not even the whole package that Tamer Saga has to offer. Dress up as a king or a ghost, explore the vast land with varied scenes, conquer the monsters and baddies in your way, and discover everything that a nice browser-based MMORPG should have.

Source: dotmmo