War2Glory is one of the more complicated browser based strategy building game, set in a realistic world, torn by war between two factions fighting for domination. Players become the Commander of a small city and must build, defend, trade and expand to be succesful! Commanders must be shrewd Mayors and brilliant Generals, developing your Cities Industries to fuel your Armies, which are used to expand your sphere of influence and bring Glory to your name!

In War2Glory you take the role of a commander in one of the two faction, the Allied forces or the Axis powers. Each faction has it’s own buildings and units, though the difference between the factions isn’t great and they are rather balances. Your faction does affect your reputation and some aspects of the game when you declare a war on another player.

As in similar strategy games, you start in one city and need to develop it, the tutorial is clear and will walk you through the first steps of building your town. There are four types of different resources to collect, as well as gaining gold from your town population. Resources are used to build and upgrade buildings, as well as maintaining your population and army. Your city population is another important resource, as you need workers for plants and farms as well as having enough idle labors for building an army. Increasing the population can be tricky as it can increase or decrease according to the city’s status, like happiness, taxes and available housing.


There are plenty of buildings to construct, most of them are unique and can only be built once, those will grant certain abilities such as recruiting commanders to lead your armies. One of the more important buildings is the research center where you can unlock upgrades for your city that will allow you to train from basic to the more advanced troops.

Like in other browser based strategy games, everything you build and the units you train will take a hefty amount of time to finish, even though you can only build/upgrade two buildings at a time, and research only one item, you can build several training facilities and upgrade them to increase the training queue, so its possible to train several armies at a time and queue them in a row, giving some freedom as there is no need to constantly watch your queue although there is nice table summering all the on going upgrades, trainings and research.

War2Glory is one of the more complicated games as it requires the player to balance many things in order to have a thriving city. You need to balance the population’s happiness with the taxes in order to prevent riots and disasters, adjust the labor percentages in the industrial area in order to have enough population for a big army, research the right technologies in time, have enough food to support your army which tends to consume large amount of food per hour, appoint a mayor, acquire items and upgrade your commanders to have a better army.

The amount of things to do can be a bit hard to comprehend at start and intimidate, but it is a decent game with plenty of content. The world is vast and filled with NPC camps you can plunder or seize to gain additional resources and items, and of course you can declare war against other players which is an important aspect of the game. After declaring war on a player there is a short duration of time for each player to prepare their defences, mobilizing troops and get ready, hoping you have the right army composition to defeat your attacker or defender. You can either plunder or try to conquer it, giving you control of the city until the defender manage to redeem it, giving a unique aspect of realism as you can actually conquer cities and make them your own.

There are plenty of quests that will guide you in your progress and grant many valuable prizes, with daily events to keep you occupied.

War2Glory consists of a lot of decision making, plenty of numbers to adjust and actions to take in order to keep your population happy and complaints free, and long long waits for your buildings and armies to complete. The realistic urban graphics are cool and gives a world war feeling, with many players fighting for increasing their reputation and become a great commander.

Source: mmosquare