Netmarble has started the beta test phase of their latest game Dice Venture, a brand new casual board game where players with family and friends with both classic and new tweaks. Taking turns to buy and sell properties while travelling, the players stand a chance to become tycoons. A match takes around 25 minutes to complete, and can be played either in four-player individual or two-on-two team matches.

"The introduction of Dice Venture to North America marks a significant step toward reaching gamers of all types for Netmarble," said Jun Park, producer, Netmarble. "Our primary goal is to provide top-quality online games for everybody, and we're happy to take strides to satisfy the growing casual games market."

Scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2013 on PC and for iOS/Android following shortly thereafter, Dice Venture will continue its global sensation in the U.S market. Netmarble hast just allowed players to join in the May 29 beta test. Interested players can now sign up and play Dice Venture via the game's official page.

By playing the game during the beta periods, players will automatically be entered to win stylish prizes, including the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones and Microsoft Surface tablet. The game will seamlessly transition to its official launch on Wednesday, June 12 without a data reset, which means players will retain all of their account information and unlocked content.

During the beta test, players will receive great in game prizes, including 20 million in-game currency and custom dice. Furthermore, on Wednesday, June 5, Netmarble will open additional channels, which will be restricted based on players’ in-game bank account balance. More advanced channels will require players to obtain higher in-game balances and put down higher wagers per game using in-game currency, but the rewards will be worth it. For more information on different channels, visit

Source: Press Release