The multi-player virtual world of Habbo Hotel is ideal for any personality type, featuring individuals from all over the world and all walks of life. There are over 30 different hotels to choose from, each of which is based on a different country. Notable representations include the US, Singapore, United Kingdom, Mexico, and even Norway!

You start out in Hobo Hotel by making your own custom avatar, dubbed as a Habbo. When it comes to the social aspect of virtual worlds, Habbo does it a bit different. You can hear / read the conversations of people within five tiles, and they can hear / read yours. Anything farther than this is jumbled up, which makes it possible to engage in several interactions without interrupting other people or being interrupted yourself.

There are chat rooms galore and several ways to interact with others, which is one of many reasons that Habbo Hotel hits it out of the park. There are public rooms with specific themes, from cafes to hallways, nightclubs to, of course the hotel itself and all of the different lobbies. You can visit other’s apartments to win furniture, or work to get paid so that you can afford your own home and items. And when it comes to the sheer size of this world, those who like to explore virtually have plenty to get into, with each hotel featuring an incredible array of rooms.

To keep users safe, Habbo Hotel employs round the clock moderators, which keep everyone in line and following the rules. From a unique layout to several ways to meet and talk with other people from all over the world, Habbo is a virtual success!