Dragons of Atlantis is a colorful fantasy themed browser based strategy building game, with a huge rich environment, great graphics and some intriguing features. In Dragons of Atlantis you are the leader of a small tribe that will grow in numbers and in power as you expand your territory and raise a mighty army and as the name suggests, a dragon.

The buildings areas are divided into two different areas, one for your city buildings and another for the resources gathering buildings. There are 4 types of different resources to collect, as well as gold that will increase by taxing your population. There is a limit to the number of resources buildings you can construct, but you can increase it by upgrading your city center. 

In the city map there is plenty of room to build various buildings, while many of them can only be constructed once, houses and garrisons can be built several times for increased effect. Many of the buildings unlock different research options in your science center, while others add different effects such as lowering the happiness decrease from increasing taxes and allowing you to catch spies. Houses are very important as they increase your populations which is needed for either labor or army units. The Garrison is the most important building as it allows you to train army units. There are only 21 different units, but they are quite distinguished and highly detailed in their stats and their art. Building multiple garrisons will reduce the training time and will allow you to queue more units for training. 

In order to lead your units into battle you will require a general that can be recruited from the Officers’ Quarters, however, all the generals are the same and you can’t customize them, but victorious generals will receive stars that increases the power of the troops under their command.
Dragons of Atlantis main feature that distinguish it from other building games is the dragons. You start with a small Dragon’s keep that houses a small and feeble dragon, as you upgrade it the dragon grows in size and strength and becomes a formidable unit in your arsenal. However, in order to send him into battle you need to find dragon armor pieces that are located in different terrain across the map. Once you have all the pieces, your dragon is ready to battle and you can send it with your army to vanquish the less fortunate enemies that inhabit the world. Except for your main dragon, you can also find eggs for different and powerful dragons, which you will have to hatch and evolve, as well as finding the armor for their kind in order to use them in battles. There are 10 different dragons and finding them all is truly a challenge and will make you a powerful player in the world of Dragons of Atlantis. 

The combat system is pretty simple, just pick the target location, choose the units and the general and send them on their way. Spying on the enemy first and see their the army composition is a good tactic as you don’t want to lose your army for superior force for nothing. You can also increase your troops effectiveness with items you can find in the shop and get for free from raffles.
Dragons of Atlantis is rather pretty and colorful, the design of the units, buildings and the map has a cool fantasy theme embedded in it. The different aspects of the game are coherent and there are explanations for many things that require them. The upgrading and researching time aren’t very long most of the time, but the fact you can upgrade and research only one building or technology at a time can be a bit annoying in the higher levels of buildings. There are quests that will guide you through the game and grant free bonuses as well as increasing your level and power. 

Dragons of Atlantis is a rather simple strategy game, with colorful and cool fantasy atmosphere and an interesting dragon system that will appeal to many casual gamers who prefer logging every couple of hours to give your colony commands and have some fun conquering places, finding rare items and grow might dragons in order to become a dominant force in this beautiful world.

Source: mmosquare